Clips for anti-slip gratings for outdoor floors and stairs with grating steps

PVC clips: the anti-slip solution for safety metal grating, both on external floors and stairs

PVC clips reinforced with internal spring in harmonic retention steel. The clips can be inserted by simple manual pressure on the vertical support plate and they are not removable to the foot passage.

The superficial shape is hemispherical to avoid tripping, it is particularly resistant to trampling, to sudden changes in temperature, and to weather. It is resistant even to vehicles passage on a horizontal plane.

Immediate, long-lasting and economical anti-slip solution for walkway gratings coming out of shops, shopping malls, offices, schools, and they are interesting for prices and ease of installation and maintenance.

They are ideal to transform the safety grating walking surfaces into a total anti-slip passage.
For example you can optimize the safety at the entrances of supermarkets, apartment buildings, on mezzanines and on external and internal industrial staircases. They support light car traffic.

The Fire Brigade "prefer" our clips

Emergency stairs must be more efficient than internal stairs. Our clips are born from signs of firefighters. In safety staircases, the grids and metal gratings must ensure a safe and immediate evacuation of the building without obstacles.

Our non-slip clips maintain all visibility through the grids when looking from the ground floor.

The PVC clips do not feed the spread of fire as they are small pieces distant from each other. During a fire, the fire brigade with hydrants flood the structures with water and foam and the emergency stairs must be efficient and non-slip.

General characteristics of PVC clips for non-slip grid tops and metal ladders

The clip is designed to embrace the vertical plate, with a hemispherical surface to avoid tripping, thickness S1 BASE 2 / 3 mm or thickness S2 MAXI 4 / 5 mm . The tread thickness is 2.5 mm and is made of non-slip PVC. The base width is 50 mm + - 5 mm. The clips are particularly resistant to trampling wear and temperature changes due to bad weather. PVC is self-cleaning and cannot be attacked by hydrocarbons, its duration is estimated at over 5 years, dictated by the nature and volume of the traffic it receives. They are easily integrated as needed. They are an ideal non-slip solution both in public and industrial environments, particularly suitable for internal and external grating stairs.

Kindly, before requesting a supply of non-slip clips, let us know the width of the mesh grid (Size B), the thickness (size S) and how many square meters you have to be equipped with clips, including the steps of the staircase, landings and floors in grilled. We will reply as soon as possible advising you on the quantity of clips to insert.

Width size at the base 50 mm

It is advisable to insert the clips every 10/12 cm alternating, from 90 to 110 pieces per square meter.

Features of the PVC clip:

  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Self-cleaning
  • Does not collect dirt / dust
  • Antistatic
  • Non-slip always, even when used (guaranteed for 5 years for normal traffic)
  • Anti-stumbling
  • Does not come out due to impacts (thanks to the steel spring inside)
  • DIY fixing, very simple
  • Easily replaceable
  • It does not deform
  • Resistant from - 30 ° C to + 45 ° C
  • Made of lead-free PVC
  • They let water and snow flow
  • They make no noise when walked on

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Easy and economical assembly of the anti-slip clips for grating surfaces and grating stairs

The assembly is very simple, it is sufficient to insert the clips manually by pressure on the 2 - 3 / 4 - 5 mm thick bearing plate S, and carry out the alignment with the hammer. Please, let us know the width B of the grating, so that we can supply you with the right size pieces for your grating

No protective measures required, just simple work gloves. No need for adhesives, screws, bolts or maintenance. The duration of the clips is over 5 years, as for every floor product, the duration will be dictated by the nature and the volume of traffic that it will have to sustain.
The quantities to be inserted, linearly or randomly, depend on the grid positioning surface, they are fixed on the steps of the external grating stairs and on the walking surfaces according to the direction and the traffic.

The clips are in self-cleaning PVC, resistant to hydrocarbons, so they can also be used in car refueling stations. With shipping in Italy and European countries.

Economic anti-slip solution for gratings in snow and ice conditions

The simplest solution to make your grating steps or grating floors safer even in the presence of snow and ice, for example on grating floors and stairs near chair lifts and ski lifts in winter lifts.
The PVC clips are heat resistant to sudden changes in temperature (from -30 ° C to + 45 ° C), easy to apply without carrying out renovations.


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